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Kountess von Kink Kountess von Kink from Brighton wrote on August 17, 2018 at 7:22 am:
Absolutely Superb. I have sessioned at Dungeons all over the World. This is my. Favorite. A ground floor apartment with 2 fantastically equipped play spaces plus a bedroom
& kitchen in one of the coolest areas in London.
The 2 play spaces have every single piece of equipment you could wish for. Every thing you can think of is available as well as being fully stocked with disposables. It is also the most meticulously clean dungeon I have visited. The bedroom is gorgeous and ideal for those subs who prefer a domestic setting. Large enough for 2 Dommes to share the space and also it has parking right outside the front door. Unheard of in London. While we stayed there Madame Caramel & Hoxton suite promoted us on social media & we were booked up back back to back for our 3 days Already booked another 4 night stay. Thank you Hoxton Dungeon.