Happily Married Couple 16.7.13

We were lucky enough to meet MC in person, who instantly made us feel at home.
Only our second time in someone else’s dungeon 😉  our first at HDS and what a fantastic one!   …with a non-fetish bedroom, which was nice to retreat to afterwards, and a well layed out main soundproofed dungeon room. We brought our own toys but there were plenty available and everything you could think of. The cleaning system made us feel HDS is hygienic and comfortable.
The domme wife discovered the humbler so I pretended not to know what it was when she asked, because I didn’t fancy that one. No doubt I’ll be for it when she reads this!
Someone had given the music a lot of thought, no need to bring your own, and the fridge was well stocked to keep maids busy, although we went out for dinner as there were plenty of restaurants locally.
Stepping back into the real world the next day was eerie, nobody suspecting what we’d been up to, spared with a thought of sadness for vanilla people.
We shall certainly be going back when we can!