Local Links

Bars, Restaurants and Cafes
1 Lombard Street  – This is our favourite for fine dining.  Absolutely first class dining experience, less than 10 minutes away
The Premises Cafe  – Perfect for breakfast, this cafe is set in a recording studio.  You never know who you might see at the next table!
Bacchus Pub and Kitchen – Just around the corner, friendly pub/wine bar with a Sunday roast to die for!

Markets and Other Places Of Interest
Columbia Road Market – Most famous for its flowers, but there are many other fascinating stalls and shops.  Sunday mornings from 8am.
Hoxton Market – Open Monday-Saturday, but especially busy on Saturday!  Just around the corner.
Broadway Market – Farmers Market, every Saturday 9am-5pm.
Hoxton Square – Bars, Restaurant, Clubs – and Galleries for the more cultural!