M&A – 20.11.12

It was the first visit for myself and my partner, keen amateurs rather than experienced, to the HDS, and having viewed the pics, video and review on the site we were very excited, if not a little nervous. But Madame Caramel was a very welcoming, gracious (and hilarious!) host, and put both of us at ease. The tour was very comprehensive and she showed us all the facilities. It was the little detail touches that also showed how much thought had gone into the place: the kinky decorations, the surprise behind each door and even the practical touches like wet wipes and cleaning products in all the play rooms.

Once Madame C had left us to it, rather than diving in to playtime as planned we couldn’t help but spend two hours looking in every drawer and discovering the wonderful collection of clothes and toys! If anything it gave us more ideas than we knew what to do with. And our two night stay proved to be even more fun than we’d hoped. The different rooms lend themselves so well to different scenarios, and even though there’s plenty of space it all feels cosy and well-contained rather than a soulless warehouse.

And to her credit, Madame C apologised and said that her upstairs neighbour was planning some DIY and that we might be disturbed. She was very apologetic and kindly offered to make it up to us on our next visit – something which was unexpected but welcome and very considerate, but just shows how Madame C likes to do things.

We left exhausted but grinning from ear to ear, and will definitely be going back. We can’t recommend HDS enough, it was more fun than we could have imagined, and we have to go back because there are so many kinky toys and outfits still to be tested…