Miss Deviant

I booked Hoxton DS for a photo shoot. I had never visited before but certainly will do again.

We were met by Madame Caramela’s maid who showed us around. As it was one of the hottest day of the year he’d got there early to turn on the air conditioning to ensure the place was nice and cool. He’d also prepared a jug of ice water (with lemon) for our arrival which was gratefully received, it’s those extra touches that makes this place stand out from other dungeons.

The flat was exceptionally clean and very well laid out. I loved the red room and we took loads of photos in there the colour was perfect for a photo background. The equipment all looked brand new and is clearly well maintained. We even managed to squeeze in a little playtime in the main room which had enough equipment to try out & play with (I have found other dungeons have just had too much stuff crammed into a small space).

For me Hoxton DS stands out from other dungeons I’ve visited. It’s modern, very clean and has a really luxurious feel about it.

I enjoyed my visit very much and will definitely come back again. Thank you for making my visit awesome. Miss Deviant. x

PS: Was very tempted to steal Madame Caramela’s portrait in the hall, what a beautiful picture!!!!