Ms. Anon.Y.Mous 11/11/2012

I visited Hoxton Dungeon last week (Nov 2012) with my beau. I have never been to a dungeon and consider myself sexually experienced, except when it comes to dungeony-type things! I have to say I was very nervous, excited and not quite sure what to expect. When I arrived I was welcomed and shown around, which was not weird or embarrassing at all, but put me straight at ease. The place is brilliant! There is everything that I had ever thought of using and everything that I had never thought even existed! Everything is on display so you can check everything out easily. It was fun checking all the different things out and I also found it easy to get into the fun that was on offer. It was funny and sexy exploring all the dungeon had to offer together. You can use/dress in everything you see. Anything you use is then put in a box and disinfected. The best thing for me was that I found LOADS of dress up things that fit me and made me look good! My main concern about going had been that the outfits would all look awful on me and make me feel uncomfortable. (I’m a double G and size 14!) This made it for me because I was able to relax and enjoy properly. There really was something for everyone and a good, clean accommodating environment. Also I found the communication from the owners excellent.

When I arrived at Hoxton Dungeon Suite I was thrilled to see how well appointed it was. I’ve been a pro domme for over 15 years and I would be hard pressed not to find an toy for the most esoteric scene. I spent over an hour looking at all the nooks and crannies and kept finding more and more items, and well laid-out. A lot of thought has gone into this place by someone who knows a lot about playing.

Madam Caramel herself was a delight and professional. I could immediately tell she was a woman of discerning taste and high standards. She treats her guests as she would expect to be treated with all the considerations one could possibly want. Her cleaning standards are some of the best I have every seen. I felt instantly comfortable, I won’t say ready to play because I was so quickly distracted by all the fun toys and equipment. – Ms. Anon.Y.Mous 11/11/2012