Photosonix Nova Pro Light Therapy Sound Mind Machine

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Photosonix Nova Pro Light Therapy Sound Mind Machine

If you want to achieve a greater sense of consciousness, deeper relaxation, or improved concentration, trying the Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine may be the right fit for you. This remarkable, therapeutic product comes with 100 easy-to-use sessions as well as room for downloading up to 100 more, so there’s always room for what you need.

How it Works: Using pulses of rhythmic sound and light, the Nova Pro 100 Light and Sound Mind Machine alters your brainwave frequency so that you can better concentrate, relax, or reach a higher level of consciousness. Nova Pro 100 100 sessions are organized in 8 categories: relax, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, visualize, entertain and special. Simply choose the category that best fits your needs and select an individual session from the list. Additional sessions can be downloaded at your convenience.

The Nova Pro 100 features:

  • AudioStrobe compatibility
  • Two user ports for simultaneous use
  • Four system control choices
  • Control by either selected built-in session or downloaded session, manually from keyboard, or remotely via COM port connection
  • Total pitch range of 16Hz to 960Hz
  • Frequency range of .25Hz to 42Hz
  • Stimulation frequencies in steps
  • The Schumann resonance at 7.83 hertz included
  • Duty cycle control from 1/8 to 7/8 steps
  • Six selectable phasing relationships
  • 7 sound tones
  • Microphone input with voice control for voiceover ability
  • Gentle on/gentle off
  • Battery-saving automatic shutdown with user disable
  • Personal Preference Program setting capability
  • Remaining Session time display
  • Session pause feature
  • Sine wave sound with pitch ramping
  • Programming capability
  • Thumbwheel controls