@StrictTease and @SlaveToST (Married Couple) 04.02.2013

We were greeted on arrival by Madame Carmel she was warm and friendly not at all intimidating (Well perhaps a little when she was making suggestions to my Mistress whilst showing her the dungeon equipment).

We had looked at photos of the suite online but they don’t do it justice. Very impressive to see it all in person. At one point I was strapped to the St Andrews cross while my Mistress was elsewhere and I kept on noticing new things while I looked around the room. We did our best to try all the equipment and it was quite overwhelming but we still didn’t quite have enough time to try everything.

For us it was a really good opportunity to try a lot of new things. We have been involved in BDSM play at home for years but some things require enough space and some very expensive equipment. It was great to try out some of this equipment and now plan to buy a few of these things ourselves.

The rates for our stay were very reasonable and the quality ‘vanilla facilities’ (Bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) were on par with a four star hotel. The two dungeon rooms were more than ample for a couple.

Overall we had a very pleasurable stay and aim to plan on another visit as soon as we have a special occasion to celebrate (my Mistress has since been hinting that she knows what she is going to treat me to for my next birthday…)

@StrictTease and @SlaveToST (Married Couple)