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An amazing experience for a couple like us

My partner and I have both experienced some BDSM in the past, but we both decided we had to find a place to fully indulge in our fantasies together, in a way that we simply couldn’t at home. We decided to give it a google and found Hoxton Dungeon Suite’s website. After reading all the positive reviews and liking what we saw, we decided to book a night together at the dungeon.

Needless to say this was not just money well spent, but an investment. This place gives you access to fully indulge in your bondage fantasies. The apartment is a lovely place to stay, with a nice bathroom and a comfortable bed. It was both clean and well kept. Although we did not get a chance to meet Madame Caramel, we could tell she puts her heart and soul into the work she does.

The dungeon is equipped with things we were familiar with and things we had never used and even things we’d never known existed! We made full use of what we could during our session, and we will certainly be returning to use different bits! The experience we had is unlike anything we have ever had before and while writing this I am sat here with a smile on my face.

My partner and I feel even closer than we did before, words can not express the happiness this place has given us.

Thank you Madame Caramel,

Ben and Sarah

Just loved it

Loved the welcome; loved the ambience; loved the equipment; we were left alone to indulge our passions. The facilities and equipment are suitable for any level of involvement. If you’ve never been to a dungeon we recommend it. If you’ve been to dungeons we recommend this one! Don’t give it a miss, go! On a five star rating HDS gets 6.

Master Benedict Xavier and Anna Glavari

Our first stay at The Hoxton Dungeon

Booking was easy and efficient… all emails answered promptly. When we arrived we were shown round by Madame Caramel who was very welcoming and explained all of the facilities.

The whole apartment was spotlessly clean, well laid out and had a huge range of equipment… certainly more than we needed. We were able to play in a relaxed atmosphere and can honestly say we really enjoyed ourselves. We can thoroughly recommend giving the dungeon a try.


Mistress Flora

I returned to this lovely dungeon. Each time I come I can not believe that such a wonderful gem is hidden is this part of London. We had a lovely dinner in a nice bar before walking round to the easy to find dungeon just a 5 minute walk away.

As we walked through the door the first smells you notice are of cleaning products, not in an over powering way but one that gives you an indication of the standards that Madame Caramel has here and the pride that she takes in her premises.

As ever we were greeted with a friendly smile and warm welcome. MC made my companion feel welcome and told him about the place and put him at ease. She had set up the music to play in the background in the main room but there is also an ipod dock in the smaller play room to play music on and she has a large TV in the relaxing bedroom which you can watch TV or listen to the radio on too.

Since my last visit HDS now has sound proofing and the bedroom has been redecorated and a new bed. And never standing still Madame Caramel has invested in a larger cage that is easy for anyone to get in regardless of their mobility and size. I understand she has bought several other new items but I did not get round to looking for them as there is so much there to use.

As ever she had provided a bottle of fizz on ice and crisps and chocolate in the fridge and of course tea and coffee making facilities.

The place was immaculate with robes, towels, flannels and quality shower gels. There is a good supply of condoms and lube to be safe and clearly marked boxes to put used equipment and wipes to clean the large items after use. You really have the feeling that this place is cared for and that hygiene is important to her so you feel safe with everything you use.

All the equipment is laid out in a way that is easy to see and access so that you can easily plan your session and keep the flow going without running back and forth looking for this or that.

If you fancy trying something new or having a break from the rat race to let you inner Domme/Dom or inner sub out you will not regret it. Do not be put off by the price tag. You will be able to RELAX and really ENJOY yourself by booking an overnight. Your only complaint will be that you did not have long enough to explore all the possibilities!!

Mistress Flora