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Madame Caramel – Resident Mistress

Website: www.madamecaramel.com
Dates: Only available for longer sessions and overnights!

Traveling dates:

In London NOW!

17th – 23th of December Double Session with Lady Pia and Dominatrix Lisa

In December you have the chance to serve two wonderful Mistresses. Dominatrix Lisa and Lady Pia from Germany will be available for sessions at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. This is the first time they have sessions in London so don’t let this pass. Together they have great chemistry they feed of each other to bring you the very best in femdom. So give yourself completely to these sadistic ladies in a double session on December 17th till 23th.

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Dominatrix Lisa (+447425766373; Herrinlisa@hotmail.com) / Lady Pia(+447425766468; +31634764158: ladypia@outlook.com )

Rick 15.03.2013

Dear MC,
We found your suite clean and well-equipped, enjoyed our visit, hope to come again and would recommend HDS. I would suggest bolting the pillory to the floor, but can see that you might need to move it from time to time. Please accept my apologies for the late feedback.