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Our Stay at HDS

My wife, L. and I want to say thanks for having this opportunity to make an overnight stay at your dungeon and apartment.
We were very pleasant and satisfied with all we experienced. We have never been in a ‘dungeon’ like yours, and we both felt joy and curiosity playing and ‘investigating’ possibilities of toys and machines.
It was a (good) surprise for my wife – she didn’t know before we were at Hoxton Station what I had planned, but she is a very ‘grounding’ woman with a lot of confidence that things will mostly work well, so after saying ‘goodbye’ to John we went into the rooms, exchanging comments, questions and wishes/hopes, and later a lot of fun and exciting playing.

Next time I would like L. would like to wear one of your strap-ons 🙂 We borrowed one of your rubber hoods, John had found one.
This was a first timer for my wife, and she was very happy to experience that her anxiety wasn’t present at all.

We’ll be back soon!

L+T August 2015